Better Garage Flooring Today

You should not have just a bare concrete floor in the garage. Bare concrete is very porous and will soak up all the moisture that trails into a garage. Over time, it will crack, chip and stain and will reach a point where it is intolerable to deal with if you do not do something about it.

Using Tile – The Drawbacks

Garage floor coating Chicago

While it can look nice to tile your garage, the reality is that ceramic tiles are not meant to take the load of vehicles and heavy equipment that you may store in a garage. They are meant for lighter loads on interior settings.

Usually, if you are going to do tile in a garage, it will be heavily set porcelain. That actually does have the ability to handle the heavy load and traffic of cars on a regular basis. The only problem with it, however, is that the tiles can still crack and pop up and the joints could split over time.

Something New

Ideally, you will find one of the new flooring systems for covering concrete. You do not want to leave it bare. Even though you could paint it or seal it, it would still not be very durable. Now there is a new Garage floor coating Chicago residents and businesses trust more than anything.

You will be looking at a revolutionary type of flooring and moisture barrier that has durable action and flexibility to handle heavy loads and traffic. This is the type of material that will last a lifetime and never crack or stain.


When you get a better flooring solution for your garage, you are looking at having reliable flooring for many years to come. Think about flooring in the garage you will never have to replace, repair, or adjust in any way.